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When Zaza Interior Design decided to open its door in the prestigious City Walk, they knew they had an opportunity to exhibit their design skills in a prime luxurious spot where some big brands and marquee showrooms are their neighbors. Zaza wanted to create a statement, a meta undertaking, where the space not only allowed for their creative team to conjure some great designs for their clients but where they could really walk their talk for themselves.

The aim was to create a premium Interior design boutique studio acting as an office by day and communal event space by night. The space has been designed from a user experience approach, delivering a flexible space where the boundaries between work and pleasure have been blurred allowing social interaction and collaborations to flourish. The working spaces are designed such that they could be concealed after, liberating the center area into a free-flowing space that could be a social space after. The transformable space uses a Black and white color palette and is reflective of the company branding and the superstar chic aesthetic they wanted to be associated with. In the working space, a light tone of wood is used. Carefully designed woodwork of bespoke foldable furniture integrated within respective functions contributes to the comfort of the space.

Agile work practices with a blend of social, and collaborative work settings enable a hybrid working model. The dynamic design includes formal and informal meeting areas, a phone booth, material library, with all the amenities employees need to thrive.

A flexible layout encourages movement, subtly supports the design fluidity, and will also ease the future adaptations of the space. Attention to detail is in every nook and corner, but also including the layered entrance that makes the act of entering itself a symbolic gesture.
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Building 4B Unit 05, City Walk, Dubai
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