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Berber, is a restaurant that celebrates the indigenous culture and group of people that belongs to North Africa. It is the focus of an ancient group of people with its own distinct language, cultural codes, food and rituals.

The focus is on the motifs that you can find among Berbers.

Full of connection to the earth, there is a predominant use of dark wood, white and grey.

Rounded horseshoe motifs, a symbol to attract good luck, have been used on walls, further extended to a wall with wood panels. Another wall features tiles of the characteristic Amazigh motif. This mixed with the grey tables coupled with light earthly hues create a sense of balance and harmony. Handmade zalij tiles make you reminisce ancient streets full of history and tales. The use of translucent curtains creates a sense of depth and added layers. Once the long shadows begin to fall, you are filled with distinct shapes and a snapshot of a slow of a time-frozen and a space that respects the slow life and the importance of the smaller things in life and human connections.
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Building 4B Unit 05, City Walk, Dubai
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